Featuring Nick Materese from Siema wine imports

Taste 5 great wines, paired with 5 delicious bites


Delea Charme,Pinot/Chardonnay , Sparkling brut (Canton Ticino, Switzerland)

Paired with salmon fritter , Basil mayo

Delea, white Merlot ( Canton Ticino, Switzerland)

Paired with roasted swordfish, potato confit, salsa verde

I Sassi Aglianico del Vulture ( Basilicata)

Paired with roasted leg of lamb

La Cappuccina, Campo Buri , Carmenere/Oseleta (Veneto)

Paired roasted wild boar sausage

Arbis Rosso, Pignolo ( Friuli)

Paired with Aged Montasio cheese

Price per person $ 28 , all inclusive. For reservations call 301/5450966