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Amici Miei proudly presents the November 21 Sardinian wine dinner.

Featuring Pala Winery & Ben Ferrell from Banville Wine Merchants.

On Thursday November 21 at 7:00PM

Taste 5 great wines paired with delicious food.


Pala Vermentino I Fiori (white)

  paired with Catalan style seafood salad, shrimp,scallops and octopus

                                          Pala Monica I Fiori (red)

                                                        paired with mixed mushrooms & pecorino cheese crostino

                                                Pala Bovale Essentija (red)

                                                paired with fregola, mushrooms & cream of pecorino cheese & saffron,

and malloreddus with pork sausage & radicchio in a red wine reduction

  Pala Cannonau Reserve (red)

                                       paired with goat stew, fresh tomatoes, radish, potatoes & saffron over pane guttiau

                          Bonus Wine- Exclusive Winery Pala S’Araia (red)


Sardinian Style cannoli, filled with ricotta, saffron & figs

                                        Price for person $72 plus tax & gratuity.

                                    Space is limited. For reservation call at 301/5450966